Simple and affordable bathroom update ideas

Bathrooms can be real deal breakers for the home buying process. If the bathroom is dated, that often means added dollars to the new homeowner’s budget. And that means less money in the offer to buy that home. Along with the kitchen, the condition of the bathroom has the most impact on a home buyer’s choice, so get yours in tip top shape if you want to pop the cork on that home sale this spring.

Here are a few great economical ways of getting the job done.


Refinishing or reglazing is a great way of getting a like-new finish on your bathroom’s tub, tile or sink. And like new is a far cry from the dated and dingy look that sends home buyers packing.

Reglazing is a professional service that adds a clean, new layer of enamel on he surfaces in your bathroom. Is your tub or sink chipping? Reglazing will clean up the look in no time. Is your bathroom tile is old and dingy? How would it look gleaming white? Reglazing can take your bathroom from zero to hero in just a few short hours. Most bathroom remodeling professionals will offer a quote and the service is much less costly than replacing a tub or sink.


Fixtures date a bathroom quicker than a prom picture on a mantle piece. The good news is an update is just a home improvement center away. Options abound an you can scope them out online, make your selection and, in most cases, have it waiting for you when to swing by to pick it up. Call a licensed electrician to install it. Never try to work with electrical installations on your own.

Additionally, you might want to try replacing the faucet and shower heads to bring your bathroom into the 21st century without breaking the bank.


It sounds obvious, but most people don’t realize how much of an improvement is made when you give your bathroom a fresh paint job. Painting your bathroom with new color adds new life to any room and add fresh, new towels and accessories to the mix can really highlight your bathroom’s possibilities.

Try a low-VOC paint and choose a glossy finish if you want to boast an easy cleaning solution for your home buyer.

A few touches here and there (and a little swear equity) will go a long way toward getting you the offers you’re looking for. So don’t hesitate to up the ante with some smart DIY improvements so you can move on to your next home purchase.