Winter right season home remodeling projects

Chicago winters can be unforgiving. This can bring out the inner recluse in anyone. On a personal level, this can also be a great time to get projects done that you have been putting off. But is a home renovation safe to include as one of those projects? There may actually be advantages to tackling that bathroom remodel, floor replacement or finishing your basement during the snowy season in the Windy City.

While our workflow is ever changing and we can get unexpected rushes for jobs during winter, on average, things tend to slow down a bit. This may be because people are in hibernation mode or simply because people are waiting for tax refunds to approach their renovations but in any case, there is a good chance of booking a contractor in a more timely fashion during this season.

Aside from quicker booking times, you may not be aware that winter is also a good time to jump on closeout prices from manufacturers (spring usually means jacked up prices for appliances and other products for the home). Not only can a winter remodel save you money, you are also more likely to find wanted inventory in stock. It makes sense that in these months, inventory tends to stay on the shelf and on the floor a little longer. The benefit there is that you decrease the chance of having to settle on “second choice” items.

We are seeing a trend here! Things tend to slow down a bit during the winter months, making much of the process easier, despite the frigid days. This extends to your local government offices as well, meaning shortening the turnaround time on obtaining relevant permits to get the job done. We’ll bet this also means easier and quicker access to building inspectors. Additionally, if you work from home or spend a good deal of time at home but are planning a vacation, this could be the perfect opportunity to complete your remodeling goals with less interruption of your day-to-day home activities.

There are of course exceptions to the rule. For example, save exterior painting jobs for the warmer months. Use fall and winter to concentrate on the interior of your home or condo. And when you are preparing to work with us, always be sure to make a punch list of additional, smaller items that we can knock out for you during the bigger renovation jobs to help consolidate and expedite the efforts. Our goal is to get you back to enjoying your home.

The weather outside might be frightful, but that doesn’t mean you have to be scared to give us a ring to discuss how we can help you inside of your home! We look forward to hearing about your home remodeling goals.