Accessibility Matters: Designing Bathrooms for All Ages and Abilities

The bathroom can be one of the most hazardous areas of the house with its tight spaces, wet and slippery surfaces, and high thresholds to climb over. Whether you’re planning to age in place like many residents of the greater Chicago, Illinois, area, have an elderly family member, or another member of your household with limited mobility, it’s important to design your bathroom with accessibility in mind. Here are some remodeling tips that can help you design an attractive, comfortable, and safe bathroom for all ages and abilities in your home.

Focus on the Bathing Space

One of the first areas you should consider is the bathing area in your bathroom. Whether you have a traditional bathtub or a shower enclosure, this can be a particularly hazardous area in your bathroom. First, consider what’s required to enter and exit the tub or shower. If it involves climbing over a high threshold, keeping your balance, or taking a large step up or down, you may want to consider a different option. Walk-in showers and walk-in bathtubs are often better options thanks to the lower threshold and easier accessibility.

In addition to the entry and exit, other elements can contribute to a safer and more accessible bathing area. You may want to consider a built-in seating option such as a bench seat or fold-down seat. Additionally, strategically placed safety grab bars can provide better stability where needed and non-slip surfacing can help prevent slips and falls. You’ll find that there are plenty of great options and customizations available to create the bath or shower space that meets your accessibility needs while still providing an attractive and comfortable bathing experience in your Chicago home.

Other Fixtures in the Bathroom

In addition to the bath and shower areas, you’ll also want to consider other large fixtures in the bathroom, including the toilet and vanity. While these items usually come in standard heights and sizes, there are also custom options that may be more comfortable and accessible. A lower height on the bathroom vanity may help someone in a wheelchair easily reach the sink, and a raised toilet seat height may be easier to use. You’ll want to explore ADA-compliant fixtures that are specifically designed for better accessibility.

Put the Finishing Touches on Your Space

With the bigger items taken care of, it’s time to consider the finishing touches for accessible bathroom features. This includes smaller details such as non-slip flooring throughout the rest of the bathroom, an extra-wide door to the bathroom, and additional safety grab bars near the toilet and other areas of the bathroom. Ensuring other items, such as bath towels, soap, and other accessories are within easy reach will put the finishing touches on your adaptive bathroom design.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling Solutions

At Punch List Bath & Home Remodeling, we proudly offer custom bathroom remodeling services to homeowners throughout the Chicago, IL, area. If you’re looking for a senior-friendly bathroom remodel or any other aging-in-place bathroom renovations, you can find everything you’re looking for with the professionals at Punch List Bath & Home Remodeling. We can provide you with ADA-compliant bathroom tips and the custom bathroom transformation services you need to turn your plans into reality. Contact us today to learn more about designing a bathroom for all ages and abilities for your Chicago, IL, home.