Kitchen remodeling ideas

For most homes, when design and decor begin to get dated, the kitchen is the first room that shows it. Kitchen design often has the very peculiar habit of being very taste- and time-specific. Appliances, finishes–even colors–in a kitchen design can easily be linked quite inextricably to a specific decade’s trends and styles. And what’s worse, kitchens are often the rooms that get the most wear and tare. So finishes can easily get worn more quickly than any other room in the home.

This rapid aging, of sorts, that kitchens suffer, combined with the fact that kitchen renovations can be the most expensive in all the home, explains why most kitchen design lives long past its prime. So, unless you’re ready to bankroll a new kitchen every 5-7 years, try out a few of these kitchen renovation alternatives to give your home’s hub a facelift:

Lighting: One of the most dramatic changes you can make to a kitchen is lighting. And changing out lighting fixtures can be simple and painless. Try pendant lighting, which is a popular option these days. Pendants lights use an economy of space and offer very sharp design aesthetic.

Find a qualified handyman or even a licensed electrician who can safely switch out your fixtures and you’re well on your way to a new kitchen.

Countertops: There isn’t much you can do short of replacement, for your countertops if they’re solid surface. But the good news is there isn’t much you need to do because stone countertops are about as timeless a kitchen design element as you can find. A good care regimen is all you need to keep them looking fresh. As for woods like butcher block, you can always strip and refinish with little cost or fuss. With laminates, an upgrade is very easy, and affordable options abound. These days, it doesn’t take a six-figure salary to upgrade to stone and it adds significantly to the value of your home.

Flooring: Kitchen floor replacement projects can be very costly and time consuming. But if you don’t have either of those resources to blow on a remodel, try freshening your floors with a brisk cleaning and then utilizing some very organic treatments that draw attention to a nice contemporary option, jute or natural rugs and runners.

Jute runners offer a nice treatment for a kitchen facelift project. There are lots of options and you can even find home decor stores like Cost Plus World Market that will sell you custom sizes.

Faucets: Swapping out an old faucet is a great way to update your kitchen. And these days, from high end outlets to big box home improvement stores, there are some great options out there in every price range and style.

And finishes from brushed nickel to polished silver to bronze make a facelift pretty easy when your update includes a faucet and fixture replacement. An experienced handyman or licensed plumber can easily make the swap in no time.

Refacing: Kitchen cabinets offer a dramatic facelift option for any homeowner. Depending on the surface of your cabinets (solid wood or laminate), you can prep (sand, scuff and prime), paint or stain and seal your way to a brand new looking room in no time. If you’re not that confident in your DIY skills, a practiced handyman or painter can handle the job in a jiffy. Add some updated cabinet hardware and pulls and you’ve got an updated look that can’t miss.