Bedroom renovation alternatives

The bedroom is typically, a room that needs very little renovation and a whole lot of design, design to keep a box from looking like a box with a bed in it. When a bedroom does call for remodel, it’s typically because of structural need (like more space) or to include some swanky design elements like French doors that open out to a balcony or a fire place.

So, sticking to the plan of updating spaces with renovation alternatives, there are a few effective options, aside from the more general upgrades (paint, drapery and trim) we discuss in our first iteration of this project, you can use to give your worn bedroom a facelift:

Carpeting: If new carpeting is out of the question, a good deep professional steam cleaning will bring surprising new life to old, worn carpeting. With a variety of solutions in the marketplace, you can find a local carpet cleaning service that can evict the most stubborn stains from your carpet and freshen its color considerably. Additionally, some carpet professionals offer dying service that also proves effective in giving a nice like-new look to your carpet.

While we don’t recommend you try these techniques yourself, if you do go solo and try DIY kits to redress your rug, pick up a carpet comb in the process.

A carpet comb is a tool the professionals use to pick up the nap in a carpet refreshing the pile to like new conditions (depending on the level of ware). It’s sold in home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot for just under $10.

Space and Storage: A lot of bedroom remodels involve expanding cramped quarters. A great alternative is making good use of the space you have. Often, people use nearly all of their available horizontal space without even considering using their vertical space instead.

Try some of the ideas we share in our space-savers makeover alternatives. And get some more walking space in your bedroom.

For storage, consider decluttering and reorganizing your closets and getting those items you really don’t use often up and out of your bedroom space. You’d be surprised to see just how large your room really looks with the floor space you’ll gain.

The Bed: Most bedroom remodels include an impressive bed upgrade. But if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a custom bed, try an upholstered headboard for a bit of dramatic effect and whimsy.

There are tons of affordable styles to choose from and, if you’re crafty, you can even try your hand at making one yourself. Patterns abound online with tutorials to get you crafting your own custom headboard in no time.

Tall, plush, sleek or modern, there’s something for every taste and flavor. You can also try a custom bed skirt to finish off the look nicely.

Quiet Space: How about a little luxury? With all that extra space you save decluttering and “going vertical,” why not give yourself a nice quiet, meditative space for reading and relaxation to make your bedroom a real haven.

Try a small chaise or even a club chair and ottoman. There are a wide variety of sizes on the market and some with clandestine storage units inside–a great way to sneak in some extra space savings.