4 ways make kitchen remodeling plans

Remodeling your dated kitchen is a great way to customize your home and add value to your property. However, taking on a large kitchen remodeling project can feel overwhelming, and it can be difficult to decide what changes you want to make. Fortunately, with the right plans and expert help from a professional Chicago handyman service, you can feel confident that your renovation will be a success. After all, it may be a challenge to decide how to you want to transform your kitchen, but once the project is complete, you will have created a customized, refreshed space for your household to enjoy. If you are ready to begin planning your kitchen remodeling project, contact the qualified professionals at Punch List Bath & Home Remodeling today to get started!

Identify Shortcomings

The first step in creating a kitchen that you love is determining what it is that you do not love about your current kitchen. Make a list of all the on-going problems with your kitchen. If you have any unreliable appliances, write that down. Perhaps your kitchen lacks adequate lighting, or doesn’t offer any storage. Or, maybe your kitchen simply can’t keep up with all the demands you place on it. If you need to be able to cook a main dish without letting the sides get cool, jot that down so that you can remember to incorporate a warming drawer in your new kitchen. Whatever shortcomings your current kitchen has, write them down so that you can be sure that your new kitchen meets all of your needs. Whether you need new countertops, fixtures, cabinets, or a complete overhaul, our knowledgeable team at Punch List Bath & Home Remodeling will help you customize your kitchen remodel plans to ensure that your remodeled kitchen is everything you hoped for and more.

Set Expectations

Replacing the parts of your Chicago kitchen that are not functional for your needs is a big part of a kitchen renovation. However, it is also important to consider big picture expectations. How do you want your kitchen to feel? Paint, flooring, countertops, and cabinetry colors all come into play in determining the feel of your kitchen. Natural wood can add warmth, while light colors can make a smaller space feel large. Beyond just the feel of your kitchen, be sure to consider how you want your kitchen to be used. If you have always imagined your kitchen as the household gathering spot, you may want to add a breakfast bar or nook to accommodate your friends and family while you cook and socialize. Whatever you expect out of your updated kitchen, discussing your goals with the professional handyman handling your kitchen remodeling project is a key step in your design process.

Use Space Wisely

Whether your existing kitchen is small or large, it is always a good idea to get the most out of your square footage by using your space wisely. There are many great ways to get the most out of even a small kitchen, but applied in a larger space, these tips can still work well to make your kitchen feel open and inviting. Light paint, such as a warm white or light gray, can help to open up your space. Smart lighting choices will also make your space feel bigger and more welcoming. If your kitchen has natural lighting, find a way to emphasize that. If not, recessed lighting and under-cabinet lighting can both play a part in making your space feel more inviting. Also, consider installing open shelving on your walls to get the most use out of your vertical space without the bulky, space-hogging quality of upper cabinets. Perhaps most importantly, choose smart storage solutions for your kitchen. A quality hanging pot rack above your kitchen island or counter can really make a beautiful focal point, while freeing up all your cabinet space for your other storage needs. A sliding spice rack drawer near your stove can use space that would otherwise go wasted, and will save you storage elsewhere in your kitchen. The experts at Punch List Bath & Home Remodeling will be able to help you select customized details to ensure that your kitchen makes the best use of its space.

Update Your Kitchen’s Style

Your kitchen should certainly be functional for your household’s needs, but do not forget to focus on updating your kitchen’s style as well. After all, upgrading your kitchen to be more attractive and modern is a great way to add value to your home. A full kitchen remodeling project is a smart way to replace all your outdated cabinets, countertops, flooring, and appliances. A brand new kitchen is a great way to freshen up your entire house so contact the Chicago handyman professionals at Punch List Bath & Home Remodeling today to get started!