Kitchen RemodelingPunch List takes great pride in our process of Chicago kitchen remodeling. Our dedicated professionals understand the meaning of the ideal kitchen – a warm, welcoming atmosphere combined with efficient, modern technology. Punch List captures the classic spirit of a kitchen – wholesome, heartwarming, the “hub” of any home – and combines it with our clients preferred choices of appliances, countertops, cabinetry, flooring, and other design features to create a delicate balance of style and contemporary practicality.

The traditional course of kitchen remodeling begins with the client. Clients meet with Punch List to create an individualized plan for their kitchen remodel based on the needs and wants of each client. After finalizing the initial plan, the remodel begins. Punch List communicates with clients during every step of the process and we are happy to assist in choosing colors and designs to capture the very essence of each client’s style. Your ultimate goal is the kitchen you always wanted – our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.


Our Chicago Kitchen Remodeling Provides These Detailed Services

  • Kitchen Cabinetry
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Storage
  • Kitchen Applianes
  • Kitchen Flooring
  • Kitchen Islands
  • Kitchen Countertops

Punch List has the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of every client’s budget – we understand that budgets vary. Whether planning a kitchen remodel from the bottom up or enhancing and updating an existing kitchen, our individualized plans make it possible to fulfill your kitchen dreams within your budget reality.


Make the Right Choice for Your Chicago Kitchen Remodeling

When you choose Punch List for your kitchen remodel, you are choosing more than just a contractor – you are choosing expertise, professionalism and high-quality craftsmanship. With 22 years of experience in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients, Punch List is confident that we can create the ideal kitchen space for you.


Why Chicago Should Hire Us For Their Kitchen Remodeling

Probably the best reason to remodel your Chicago kitchen is because it’s like getting a new kitchen without having to move. In fact, remodeling a kitchen can be better than getting a new kitchen because you’ve already spent years working in that kitchen and know what works for it and what doesn’t. During your remodel you’ll be able to make the changes you’ve come to desire over the years and create the best kitchen for you. Even if all you want to do is update your old counter-tops, floor, or cabinets, you’ll likely have ideas that you’ve been wanting for a while. And what better way to get exactly what you want than by selecting these things during a remodel?

A side benefit that comes with a remodel of the kitchen is that the market value on the home could increase. Now, this won’t give you a dollar for dollar increase, and you need to bear in mind remodeling the kitchen should never be done as a sole means of increasing market value. You can never know what a potential buyer is looking for. I heard a terrible story once from a friend who spent thousands of dollars on a remodel of the kitchen so they could sell the home easier. After it was sold, the buyer gutted the entire house, including the kitchen, to remodel it the way they wanted. Think of all that wasted time and money the seller could have saved. However, if the remodel is something you want, then it will be a nice benefit if you see your home value increase as a result of the remodel when it is time to sell.


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