Recycling? Try These Green Habits

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Recycling Try These Green Habits.According to the City of Chicago, city waste management teams manage waste collection for nearly 600,000 households. The city’s Blue Cart Recycling program has been in effect for 7 years and is in use in more than 260,000 households.

Because we use a single stream recycling system, recyclable waste is collected and transported together. Recyclables are picked up and hauled in specially designated recycling trucks in an effort to prevent contamination with non-recyclable trash.

Materials are transported to a city-approved recycling center where sorting is done before they are packed and delivered to manufacturers who reprocess the materials into new products.

Since it can be a cumbersome process and an adjustment to your daily life, these tips for making recycling easier at home may help get you in the habit more easily and get you in the flow of reducing your footprint:

Add Recycle Bins to Your Home: Just like trash, recyclables need a place to collect until you haul them out to the blue bin. Get a small trash can for the kitchen, office and bathrooms to store recyclable waste throughout the week. Separation at the start of the trash process will facilitate more thorough recycling overall.

Prep, Prep, Prep: Try prepping your recyclables as soon as you are ready to  toss them. With jars and aluminum cans, strip the labels and rinse with warm water before draining and tossing in the collector. For plastic (bottles or canisters) rinse and dry for a few hours upside down on newspaper before tossing. Flatten boxes and bundle with newspapers and magazines so as to provide an economy of space in the blue bin receptacle.

Don’ts: Remember not to mingle food products or liquids with your recyclables. And don’t include yard waste in your blue bin either. Following through from the start of the home trash process to the finish is essential to effective to home recycling.

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