Punch List Owner, Jim Copenhaver’s Interview on www.HandyManStartup.com With Dan Perry

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Punch List Owner, Jim Copenhaver’s Interview on www.HandyManStartup.com With Dan Perry

Dan Perry is pretty damn cool guy and an inspiration to entrepreneurs across the internet (particularly in the handyman realm).  He is a handyman business owner,  an internet marketer, and is the founder of www.HandymanStartup.com.  He started his handyman business in December of 2011 with pretty much no business experience and very little handyman experience.  Yet, he was able  fully supported himself within just 6 months of launching his business and in just 1.5 years has more business than he wants.  AWESOME.

Dan’s website is an incredibly resourceful tool for anyone wanting to get into the handyman biz as well as start-ups and entrepreneurs in general.  I have been following his site for quite some time now and got acquainted with him by leaving comments after his new blog posts.  A conversation started between us that just continued.  I was flattered that he approached to me to do this podcast that discusses:

The value of finding a mentor when starting your handyman business
The challenges and rewards of hiring and working with employees as well as how to find the right ones.
How to avoid common mistakes in the handyman business.
The value of being radically transparent about your pricing.
And valuable tips about how to properly market a handyman business

We have discussed doing some more podcasts and I hope to bring those to you soon, so for the moment, please give a listen to this and I’d really appreciate your thoughts and feedback below. Thanks to Dan and to everybody who gives this a listen!

LINK TO PODCAST:  http://www.handymanstartup.com/podcast-interview-with-jim-copenhaver/


Please feel free to leave Dan a comment on his site as well and give him some love!


Jim Copenhaver

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