DIY Staging Don’ts!

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DIY Staging Don’ts!In just about any real estate market, staging a home can mean the difference between selling your property and not. When you stage your home, you’re presenting the property in its best light so that prospective buyers can easily imagine themselves not only living there, but loving living there.

And with the challenging eight or so years we’ve had with selling in a distressed real estate market, homeowners have quickly resorted to staging to get their property to the top of prospective buyers’ lists.

With cash strapped budgets. Some homeowners take the DIY approach to home staging and when that happens some go down the wrong road, making the home selling process even more difficult than it otherwise has to be.

Here are a few of the primary mistakes homeowners make when trying to stage their homes for quick sale:

Adding Too Much Personality: Home staging is all about getting the buyer to envision living in your home. It’s pretty hard for anyone to visualize living in your space when so much of your stuff is in it. Don’t leave your own personality lunging in such large amounts when you stage. Family photos, the kids’ artwork, mail and clothes all get out away when a proper staging takes place. Whatever the buyer sees, they should be able to imagine being theirs. So no personal items that make them feel like a visitor. You want them to few right at home, literally!

Painting with Overly Bright, Dark or Custom Color Schemes: Paint color should welcome the buyer not scare them away. Staying neutral is the best way to get the buyer in the mindset of living in your home. Intense color only antagonizes the average home buyer and reminds them of what expense they’ll need to make to get the home in move-in condition. The only cost you want them to think about is your asking price when they can’t imagine not buying your home.

Overstaging: Staging is great for a home. Overdoing it, not so much. Just like a new beau reading off his résumé on the first date, overstaging can scare off a home buyer with the impression you’re trying way too hard. Setting the table for dinner, filling the bathtub with bubbles or over accessorizing can smack of slight of hand for a home buyer. You don’t want them to think you’re trying to distract them from issues that might send them running for the hills…or worse, that you’re one of those desperate home sellers.

Keep it sleek and simple.

Forgetting the Non-Living Spaces: Nobody wants to buy half a home. Every space on your property is on the table. So when staging, don’t forget spaces like closets, basements and the garage if you want to make a real impact. The good news is all you need to do to stage your storage spaces is clean, declutter and organize. The bad news is you need to clean, declutter and organize. If you show how much space your closets, basement and garage have, you can hit a home run with the buyer who’s already wowed by your living spaces.

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