Becoming Your Own Customer: I Put My Own Handyman Service to the Test and Here is My Honest Response…

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Becoming Your Own CustomerI recently had the experience of being an actual Punch List customer not the co-owner. After living through this brutal winter, I decided that our home was in need of some much needed TLC (My car as well). Why doesn’t my husband/co-owner Jim do the repairs himself you ask? Well the same reason the shoemaker’s kids don’t have shoes. (Sorry Jim).

At the time I decided to have one of our techs at our home I didn’t really give it much thought in regards of what my personal experience would be. I mean I am one of the people who book appointments, talk with our customers, and have intimate knowledge of our techs and the business in general.

So my first step was to go room to room in my home and wrote down all the things that I have been living with and wanted fixed. It was surprising how quickly my list became nearly a full sheet so I went back and prioritized what I felt was really necessary. After this task, I checked our schedule and took a time that was open in three days. Not a bad turnaround time. I decided not to buy any material prior but to let the tech decide what they needed and run to the store during the appointment.

Skipping forward to the day of my appointment, I received a call 5 minutes before my scheduled start time and was told that my tech was looking for parking. Nice touch seeing that I am the type of person who starts looking out the window if you tell me that you are coming over.

When my tech arrived he had me walk him through my Punch List so he could compile a shopping list.  I felt a bit foolish showing him the leak under the kitchen sink which I didn’t clear out prior or when I asked him to hang a new hook where we currently hung numerous jackets, not to mention shoes all in the way. This is one of the things that we advise our clients that can be done prior to the visit to make the job move faster and here I am guilty of it. It does save valuable time if you move things prior so the tech can access a particular part of your home.

Next he told me that he was going to the store for my needed material. In truth I felt a little anxious, how long was he going to be gone while on the clock? Should I have put more effort in having the material ready? Well it turned out that in my case, the tech going was the best way to go. He purchased things called a tank bolt kit, plastic cartridge, flush valve toilet kit, extra thick wax ring, brass toilet bolts, smoke alarm and other various things. Some things I was familiar with and knew we needed, other things I was unaware until after he took apart my toilets, bath fan and kitchen sink.

The lesson is that it is impossible to know what is needed until things are taken apart and I would not have avoided the trip to the store. In truth our techs try to avoid the store trip due to the inconvenience of waiting in line and trying to secure another parking spot in the impossible to park city.

I did have to leave for a short time during my appointment and was pleasantly surprised upon my arrival home the things that were done, such as nail holes patched, my new hooks hung, new smoke alarm installed, clean white caulk in my kitchen and things I couldn’t see such as the new wax ring in my toilet and a new stem for our kitchen faucet.

I started to add other things to the list simply due to my excitement of having things done around the house. After five hours plus material I finally decided to stop adding to my Punch List when in reality I could have kept him for another full week.

Was my experience truly and completely authentic because our tech was “working for the boss”? I cannot really say but I did walk away with a huge sense of pride with the work and service that we provide and wanted to shout it from the roof tops.

Even though it has only been a short while since I was my own customer, the afterglow of my experience still lingers like a new car smell.

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