Top Open House Mistakes

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Open House Mistakes
Open house is an extremely important part of the home sales process and with the housing market that we’ve had the past few years, the last thing homeowners need these days is to fumble the ball on your best opportunity to make a first impression.

If priced right an open house can attract eager buyers and yield multiple offers. And who doesn’t love that?

So be careful not to make these common open house mistakes and scare off any possible buyers (and, hopefully, competing offers).

Not Leaving: No prospective buyer wants to give their potential new home the once-over while the seller is still lurking around. When you know the seller is there, you just naturally feel…well, awkward. If you can’t feel comfortable when you’re inspecting a new home, you certainly are not going to be able to give it a fair assessment. With a homeowner regaining them with their upgrades and many gorgeous features of their house home buyers can’t help but feel the hard sell. Nothing gives buyers the urge to make a B-line for the front door more. Just don’t do it.

Weird Aromas: Okay, so now you’ve left but what you left behind is an odor that beckons explanations. When a buyer needs explanations–especially explanations about smells–their view of the livability of the property plummets.Cleaning the home is a must for open houses. That goes without saying. But take the extra step to eliminate those pet odors and the smell of the broccoli you cooked for lunch while you’re at it.

Leaving Pets Around: Since you’re removing those pet odors before your open house, you may as well remove the pets that created them. Buyers don’t need to know that the home will be envied with pet hairs and smells from the last 5 years of Fido’a reign. They want to imagine themselves ┬áliving in the space. A pet will prevent them from doing so.

Take your pet with you during the showing and any sign of their existence as well.

Locking Doors: Nothing says weirdness at an open house like locked doors. And since your selling the entire home, nothing says a botched open house like weirdness.

Take the extra step to clean every single room in your home. And if you have valuables you want out of reach, just lock them in a safe or take with. Buyers need to see all the home they’re buying. So keep access open and inviting.

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