Staging Your Home Doesn’t Have to Be Rocket Science

Home Staging Tips

One of the most difficult aspects of selling a home is creating a space that the majority of prospective buyers will find it easy to imagine themselves calling home. Staging is a important part of making that happen. When you stage your home, you are looking to show the possibilities your home can present a buyer without your own personal thumbprint to get in the way. And that’s difficult because typically the majority of the time spent in a home is done putting your own thumbprint on it with photos, memorabilia, art and, of course, all those nicks and nacks that give your home the “lived in” look.

You want to get rid of all of that when you stage your home for a quick sale. Photos of Grandma, your bowling trophy and mail piles all get in the way of a buyer’s opportunity to see your home as theirs, which is what’s got to happen if you expect to sell the house. Here are a few of our top tips for staging the right way and getting that sale:

Tone Down the Color: A homeowner’s color choice is often a reflection of their individuality. And while your color choices may very well make your home a nice place to visit, most home buyer might not necessarily want to live there. So bring down the bright colors and use more muted tones. Yes, beige is boring but so is having a house on the market for months on end. Try’s shade of taupe but with pops of color in the form of an accent wall or accessories. They add interest without blinding the homebuyer to the fact that your home could e the perfect space to call their own.

Declutter: It sounds simple (and it is) but decluttering is one of the stager’s best tools. No home buyer can envision themselves or their family residing in a space full of someone else’s junk. So dig in and get rid of all extraneous elements that detract from its size, functionality and beauty. Remove all toys and piles and unnecessary tools. Never leave it to the home buyer’s imagination to discover what they can do with the space. Show them. The first step to doing that is to declutter.

Create a Flow: With furniture, you want to show of the room’s space and functionality. A room doesn’t function very well if you can’t get around it easily because of the furniture arrangement. You want to create a room flow that is easy to navigate and comfortable to follow. Avoid blocking any natural pathways from one room to the next. Store or get rid of any furniture that is too large for the space and design a deliberate pathway for movement in the room that seems natural an easy. If you follow these easy steps to staging your home, you’ll find more buyers sticking around longer and plan IMF second visits. Soon enough you’ll have that sale

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