Chicago Handyman DIY Tip: Don’t Let Your Slow Drain Slow You Down – Zip-it!

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Clogged drains can be a “hairy” mess.

I get a lot of calls from clients about slow drains, especially in bathtubs and showers. While the majority of the calls come from my female clients with longer hair, those jobs are a cinch compared to the clogged drains of my male, 80’s hair band clients. I won’t name names but think along the lines of Cinderella and Poison. Hair, more hair, hairspray, more hair and then some more hairspray. Enuff Z’Nuff! We know you’ve had it up to hair…I mean, HERE with clogged drains!

But seriously, folks, I digress. I’d say around 60% of the time I am able to quickly get that infamous “hair ball” out with just one cheap little tool you can buy at your local big-box store. In fact, for my Lakeview and Lincoln Park clients, you can find it in aisle 7 of the big box store on Halsted & Diversey (halfway down the aisle on the right :) )ZipitPRICE

It’s the Zip-it! Not only is it cheap but it’s also fast. The majority of the time I can get a clogged drain fixed in less than 10 minutes. 3 bucks is an awfully fair price to not have to stand in a bathtub flood for your post-shower dry off. “So Jim, how does this thing work?” you may ask. Well…The hardest part of the entire process is getting the drain stopper removed from the tub. Some of them are just simply threaded on.




One time generally does the job. I would recommend the purchase of a hair trap for the tub. At around $4.00 it’s a great investment and should trap any hair before it becomes a point of contention around your house. Yes, the protein growing from your head is a multi-billion dollar industry before, and after it falls out!

If you are unsuccessful with this technique I shared, don’t fear. Help is only a phone call away. Give me a ring and we can swear about that clogged drain together! Finally, I’d suggest tossing the Zip-It after one use rather than trying to clean and then store it. At that price, it’s worth grabbing a new one for the few times during the year that you have clogged drains.

I would love any feedback on your success with using this tool. Love, Jim – Founder of Punch List


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