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Home Painting DIY Don’tsPainting a room can be one of the most effective and least expensive ways to dramatically redecorate your space. Wall color can highlight architectural lines, set the tone for design style or even make a room look bigger than it really is.

However, as dramatic the difference paint color can make, that drama can easily dialed  in the wrong direction.

Here are our top mistakes people make when painting their space:

Skipping the Primer: Many a self-proclaimed DIY-er has made this mistake at least once. For a host of different reasons, people think they can get away with not priming their walls. But the fact is even if your new wall color is a very dark one, the color behind it will affect the tone it takes on your walls. So don’t skip the primer. It treats the wall so that your new wall color will not turn a shade up or down a notch and will ensure that you only use the minimal number of coats to get that wall color looking its best.

Not Watching That Swatch: Basing a whole room’s color on a tiny paint swatch is always a risky move. When you have a small color sample to judge a color, you have to take a leap to imagine what that color will look like covering a wall, let alone an entire room.We recommend getting a sample color (and try a couple of shades in either direction, too) and painting a larger swath of space on the wall to really get a good sense of what the color is going to do to your space.Try the samples over night and when you’ve had time to sleep on it, you’ll be in a better position to see what the room will look like once that color blankets the room.

Using a Thick Accent: Just like a bad actor laying on a thick accent, too much accent color in a room can leave your guests thinking of an escape plan. Try one of the smaller of your walls when using an accent color. And remember, less is more. Your guests will appreciate your leaving the accent just an accent. Carry the color through to your design with accessories and pillows. This way you get to play with the color in varying amounts, changing up your design over time.

Pinning Your Home: Sites like Pinterest and Houzz offer a host of ideas for adding texture to your painting job. The problem is that what looks good on your laptop doesn’t always look good on your walls. Unless and until your skill set advances to the level of a journeyman painter. You might want to lay off the tricky techniques. Stick with the standards and you’ll avoid an ugly mess you create when you try to Pinterest your room and lack the practice.

If you absolutely must try out those complex textures, do it on a smaller room or a single wall. That way it will be easier to paint over if something goes awry. Remember, smaller patterns might look great when you’re talking about a small plot of space, but spread it out to a full wall, and you have a completely different look. Be careful out there.

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