How to Remove Mildew from Concrete

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How to Remove Mildew from ConcreteGrimey, mildew-laden concrete walkways are a serious eye-sore for any homeowner.And if you’re looking for a little curb appeal facelift because you’re trying to sell your home, you don’t have the time to replace your walkways. Here’s a simpler fix to de-grime those moss-  and mildew-stained sidewalks:

Spray the affected walkways briskly with a waterhose to remove any debris before you begin your work. Be careful not to use too much pressure if your walkway has chips or signs of cracking. You many cause more damage from the spay. Place garden liners on either side of the concrete to route the water an runoff beyond any plantings or grass. Detergents may be harmful to the plant growth in your lawn. Once you have your liners in place dust a generous amount of laundry detergent on your walkway letting it set into the stain for several minutes.

Pour boiling water over the stained concrete and, using a pair of rubber gloves and a firm brush, scrub the mildew generously to remove the stains. It may take several treatments, but once the stains are removed, Rinse the areas nicely to remove all detergents before removing the garden liners.

If you like, there are also commercial concrete cleaners on the market you may use, some which are organic and pose less of a harm to your plant life. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and goggles as detergents may irritate the eyes and even hands with excessive exposure.

For ongoing care, simply provide proper drainage and ventilation for the area and clean often.

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