How Much Does Punch List Charge, Why Do We Charge These Prices and Is It Worth It?

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How Much Does Punch List Charge, Why Do We Charge These Prices and Is It Worth It

“That seems a bit high.”  “My friend knows a guy who is much cheaper.”  “Another quote we got was much lower.”

Just a few things that we sometimes hear from customers during the course of the day.  Why do we charge the prices we do and is it worth it?  This is what I will attempt to answer from our perspective, the small business owner.

I remember as a child going shopping with my mother and her bartering with the sales lady at Sears for a lower price on a pair of pants. I was mortified, can you really do that?  Apparently for her the answer was yes, they almost always gave her some percentage off.  She was raised by her Lithuanian born grandmother who didn’t let her poor English get in the way of a good deal.

Bartering for everything was just the way she was raised in the “old country” as my mother referred to Lithuania.  I can understand the point of view of the person looking for a deal.  But be advised that lower price doesn’t always equal better deal, especially if the job isn’t done right the first time.  Like I have discussed in my other blogs, customer service is very important.  When you become our customer, keep in mind and be confident that:

Your needs and concerns will be dealt with in a timely and professional manor.
Our employees as well as clients are fully protected by the license and insurance necessary to operate a handyman service.
We can guarantee most work up to a full year.


It is no small financial feat to comply with all the rules and regulations Chicago asks of its small businesses.  It’s also an investment on our part to hire the level of talent that we do, but we expect the same results that you do so we don’t skimp on our contractors.  So yes, this does reflect in our prices but it also holds to a higher level of accountability.

We are not just some guy you hired from the home depot, never to be seen again. We set up our business to last not only into next year but for many years to come and compromising our price point won’t make this happen.   Our goal is to provide the best service possible.


Punch List Pricing:  $89 per hour  (minimum 1 hour).  Each additional hour is $89 but is offered at a prorated amount in increments of 15 minutes.  Trip Fee:  $38.  Proposal:  $38 (*Not mandatory, suggested for big projects and avail on request).

We do not up-charge for materials if we make the purchase but we do “keep the meter running” for the trip to the store.  We are also happy to work with materials purchased by the client (provided they are the proper materials purchased per our specs) to help the client save.


It is important to feel comfortable with who you are hiring, to do your research and so forth to make sure you will get the quality of service that you are seeking.  The city is flush with possibilities.  We even go as far as giving out the number of our competitors to help aid this and offer support answering any questions even if the customer decided to go with someone else.


So if at first the bargain that you’re seeking may not seem so apparent, look again and you will see a hardworking, local, family run business that is proud to stand behind the work we do and if you ask me, that’s priceless.

Please visit our YELP page to educate yourselves more about what we do, what people are saying about us and we welcome you to share your thoughts about our services:


If you are looking for a Handyman Company in the Chicago area, please call Punch List at 773-935-7727 or click here to fill out our online request form


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