Last Call for Home Care Projects!

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Last Call for Home Care Projects!The fall marks a very important time of year for homeowners, whether they know it or not. During the fall you’ll see your last days of warm dry weather and with them your last chance to prep for the harsh winter we all know Chicago can bring.

If you experienced our taste of the polar Vortex last winter, you know winter can take it’s toll on your home. So heed this last call for winter prep projects. You may regret it if you don’t give attention to these top fall home care items:

Deck Out the Deck: Your outdoor deck in Chicago winter is very much like a fresh piece of cheese waiting for the mouse to devour it. The best wooden deck is no match for a Chicago winter. And now’s the time to prepare your deck for the months ahead.

Do that by cleaning and refinishing it thoroughly on the very next dry (perhaps even warm) day. Give it two days to dry and pull all those deck accessories inside, folks. It’s curtains for Chicago’s summer.

Check the Furnace: Now’s the time to have your furnace inspected. The furnace in your home has likely been completely off since last winter and you don’t want problems to rear their head (especially carbon monoxide) when you need it on the first frigid day.

Get it serviced now while there’s a sliver of time before temperatures drop below freezing.

Hit The Roof: it’s already begun, sleet, hail, rain and snow have started their terror march into Chicago. And first on the battle lines for your home is your roof.

Chicago winters can wreck havoc on your home’s roof. Chances are you’ll have perhaps one or two good dry days to get out and check out the roof for problems that will cause pain in the wallet when the next Chiberian strikes.

Clean those gutters and look for signs of leaking in your roof. Check also for any entry points for water last winter might have caused. Get a roofing inspector up there now to give your roof a close look-see because if you don’t, ice dams can form.   Water can enter and cause mold, wood rot and an early roof replacement you really don’t want or need.

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