Chicago Handyman Service Sets the Stage to Find Homes for Unwanted Dogs

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DSN_PL_Header1The Dog Saving Network (DSN) is a Chicago, positive reinforcement based training organization committed to raising awareness and finding solutions to the problems faced daily by unwanted dogs in our country. When Chris Dignan, Founder and Director of Training at the DSN approached us to build a stage in the theater that is part of their new Rescue and Awareness Center, we were excited to get involved with such a great organization.

The center is a new project that, among other things, will use trained dogs in “canine game shows” to help raise awareness for homeless animals while highlighting the importance of positive training. The center will also be used as a positive reinforcement animal training cooperative, seminar destination and a fundraising/event/adoption platform for local shelters and rescues.

Time to Build!


Chris needed a large, 45’ x 10’ stage built inside of the complex for the dog shows to take place on. Above you can see the 3/4” plywood for the deck and 2”x 10” for the joist being loaded into the theatre. There was a bit of a delay on the arrival of the lumber and we had bad weather to contend with on the day of the build. The goal was to get the entire stage built in one day and this is where having highly skilled craftsmen is a game saver.


Brian and Fergus teamed up on the job like the BOSSES they are! They worked super hard to complete the job. It took most of the day. Though we didn’t get to meet any of the dogs, we did get to hear a lot of barking before we started. Once the saws started running, the dogs seemed to settle down and enjoy listening, which we were happy about as we didn’t know how they would react.


Please check out how the DSN is using the new stage by visiting their Facebook account:

Testimonial from the Founder and Director of Training at The Dog Saving Network, Chris Dignan:

“Jim was super-fast in responding to our request and rolled with it when our earlier meeting ran long. We had a quote for all of our projects in our inbox in just 2 days. The quotes were beyond competitive. Jim and his crew arrived early and finished a 45 x 10 wooden stage in just one day! The stage is perfect and we started practicing with it later that week. We love Jim and the Punch List crew as they helped to put us in a great position for future success.”


Please consider the following:

  • Every year, there are millions of lives lost for no other reason except that there are not enough good homes. Make adoption your first choice when looking for a pet.
  • Dogs are LESS likely to be given up for adoption if they participate in regular training classes. Dogs are MORE likely to be given up for adoption if they are NOT spayed or neutered.
  • Clicker training can be used to: train your dog for basic obedience behaviors, teach your dog to do fun things like crazy tricks, gain agility & help manage or reduce many problem behaviors.

If you are a dog lover and would like to know more about the Dog Saving Network please visit the DSN website. Funding means so much to Non-Profit Orgs, so please also consider making a donation:

The center is located at 4300 S. Keeler in Chicago.

It was a pleasure working with Chris and his crew, they were all incredibly helpful. We look forward to more projects with the the DSN! My daughter wants a dog so bad. We will look at a dog rescue first when the day comes for her to get one -Jim, Punch List Founder

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