How to Kill Your Lawn in 5 Easy Steps

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Lawncare Mistakes

You don’t exactly have to be a horticulturalist to get a beautiful lawn this summer. At the same time, however, there are some key mistakes many often make with lawn care that ruin their efforts altogether. Sometimes knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do with your curb appeal. Here are our top 5 mistakes you should avoid when it comes to the green stuff:

Trimming Too Close to the Roots: It may seem obvious but cutting grass too low is probably the most common mistake people make with lawn care. Cutting grass to close to the root level impedes its ability to grow back quickly. It can also lead to scalping, which promotes weed infestation. Keep the blade no closer than 1/3rd the length of your grass. That will keep your lawn healthy and lush.

Selecting the Wrong Grass: Grass is grass is grass, right?……..Wrong. Each species of grass has its own appropriate soil and shade conditions, water tolerance and temperature. Check to find out which species of grass grows best in the conditions your lawn will present. Then seed accordingly. You’ll make it much easier on yourself (and your lawn) if you seed with a species that thrives in your particular climate and terrain.

Drowning Your Grass: Like species f grass, watering frequency should be in tune with several factors specific to your lawn’s terrain. Level of sunlight exposure, soil density, type of grass and temperatures should all factor into how much you water your lawn.

If the soil is overly dense and you keep it saturated, that’s a breeding ground for weed, mold and pests. Check the soil often. If it tends to stay dry and your lawn gets more sunlight than moats, sure, water away.

But if the soil is screaming English moat, cut down the watering schedule and let your grass take a breather.

Inappropriate Pesticide Use: Because of the danger pesticides pose to both humans and the environment, it is vital that you follow instructions carefully when using them. Weed control Is an important issue, but you don’t want to harm your healthy grass (or yourself) in the process. Take special care to take special care when it comes to pesticides.

Ignoring Your Soil: Soil is probably your most important lawn care element. If it’s ¬†poor soil root growth, it doesn’t matter what species of grass you seed or how much you water. Have a simple soil test done to find out what condition it’s in and how to keep it in tip top shape. Be good to your soil and it will be good to you.

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