Grass or Not You Can Have a Great Looking Yard This Summer

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For many homeowners today a lawn without vast stretches of crisply groomed grass at its core is out of the ordinary. And to think of creating a yard that incorporates less lawn and more of everything else is down right anarchy to some stately communities.  But the truth is that many homeowners actually like the idea of going less green when it comes to the yard. Yards that forego the traditional greenery allow for outdoor living spaces that require little time and energy for ongoing maintenance and an opportunity to branch out from the traditional landscaping profile of the American homestead. We’ve got some top solutions for homeowners who have been looking for ideas to replace their lawns:

Go All-Garden:

Replacing your lawn entirely with a garden might seem like a monumental task. So why not do so gradually. You can start expanding your garden by first coming up with a concept for the all-garden yard on paper. Decide the color and species scheme you wish to go with. (Always check to ensure the plantings you would like to use will serve well in your climate given typical conditions year-round.) Decide the height of the plantings in the back of the yard so you know not to exceed that height with plantings that will be placed before it. Then gradually build that super-garden into your lawn row by row until you’ve replaced your lawn entirely. The gradual process will allow you to see the garden as it builds and make adjustments accordingly. This way flaws in the design can be corrected without unnecessary expense or excess time and energy.

While you are gradually building your super-garden, try using a water hose to frame out a circular barrier for your plantings. A circular edge will make it easy to mow the shrinking lawn as your garden advances and a combination garden-lawn mix is always softened by a round border. Try low-care perennials to keep the garden lush and no-fuss. Lay a final front border of low, flowering shrubs to define the space. Whatever your preference, it’s all up to you. If you’re in need of design ideas, try a couple of landscaping pros at your local big box store. They will always have some great plantings for everyone from novice landscapers to pros.

Dry-Laid Brick:

If you’re trying to create less grass-laden real estate in a portion of your lawn and create a great eye-catching out-door living space solution, you might try pavers. Dry-laid brick pavers offer a classic, tailored look that appeals to virtually everyone. They are a great option for landscaping and defining an outdoor living space close to your home like a patio or entertaining space.  Dry-laid brick offers a great surface for patio furniture and permeable paving so that water may bleed through to the earth below, (a much better option than a sheet of bland concrete) so that you don’t create a yard full of puddles when it rains. You can find all kind of design options from plain to herringbone and you’ll find pavers in all kinds of shapes and sizes to boot. Colors abound as well. So with a small bit of creativity, you can create a one-of-a-kind paving design that defines not only your outdoor living space but also your style.

Dirt or fine gravel serve as “mortar” of sorts and once in place a nice smattering of water will keep your design solid. Try a circular design as a base for an outdoor conversation area. If you would like to get cozy, get an inviting fire pit to top it off. Your own imagination is your only limit. And as for size, it’s all up to you. The more you pave the more you can furnish. A large seating group with a grill or even a pergola, it’s really your call. Try small and build from there. The great thing about pavers is that you can always expand whenever you want. So try out a design pattern you like with pavers that are readily available from your local big box store and you’re in business.


For many homeowners the thought of replacing a sizeable portion of their lawn with a vegetable garden is not the most logical way to a no-fuss grassless solution. But if you really want to go “green,” a home vegetable garden is a better solution than grass. Gardens may take some effort in the outset, but in the long haul, they offer great opportunities to cut costs and create really valuable  constructive time for you and your kids. Start off small if you think may be too much of a challenge and as you get your bearings and want to branch out, you can increase the size of space you allot to your gardening.

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