Pitfalls to Avoid When Caulking – Part 2

Mistakes when Caulking

Applying Caulk Part 2 –  Here are more mistakes you should always avoid when applying caulk to your home.

Applying Too Much Caulk Because of the Size of Your Space:

Caulking with a large bead just because the area you’re caulking is large, too large for the caulk, use a backer rod or extruded foam rod to fill deep gaps first and then caulk the joint.

Not Tooling Your Bead:

Every bead of caulk needs to be “tooled” to ensure evenness and a clean finish. Tooling spreads out the bead and presses out any possible air bubbles in your bead. Using your finger is typically sufficient to do the job. But if you don’t like getting messy there are actual tools to smooth out caulk at any hardware store.

Washing Away Your Caulk:

Caulk needs time to cure and water prevents that if it comes into contact with the joint before it has a chance to dry. Give your beads up to 24 hours or more to dry completely. Then once fully cured, you can wash to your Geary’s content.

Using Caulk to Bond:

Caulk is a sealing agent (protecting joints from leaks and drafts). What it isn’t is a bonding agent. You can’t use caulk on the backs of tiles or as a glue to bond surfaces together.

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