Inexpensive Home Upgrades – Part 2

Home renovation ideas

With the two most important rooms in the home for increasing value taken care of we move on to the other areas of the home where easy I expensive fixes can add to big bucks at the closing table.

Upgrade those Closets: One simple and effective inexpensive upgrade you should always make when putting your home on the market is upgrading your closet space. Homebuyers expect lavish closet space and find it difficult to get past skimpy closest when they search for new digs.

Clearing out the closets of any unwanted stuff is first an foremost. Then get a handy dandy closet storage system to showcase the space your closet does have and then store your belongs there neatly to show buyers just how functional your closet space is.

Upgrade the Carpet: Unless your carpet is atrocious, or is a wild color, a good, professional carpet cleaning is all it takes to make your home look fresh and new.

If your budget is really tight, simply rent a steam cleaner and give the carpet a good scrubbing. Cover stubborn spots with well places area rugs and pick up matted nap with a carpet comb. Before you know it. It will look like new.

Upgrade Curb Appeal: A freshened, inviting lawn is extremely important for the home sale process. Buyers get their first impression from your curb appeal and it’s pretty difficult to change their minds once they’ve formed that impression. So flip for a fresh layer of sod, plant a few well placed shrubs and dot the landscape with a nice pop of colorful plants. Above all, clean and declutter. Few things serve as a bigger turnoff for a potential buyer than your junk and clutter.

With these simple steps you can step up your game when it’s time to sell your home. And the minimal cost will help boost your bottom line in the process.

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