Inexpensive Home Upgrades – Part 1

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Though home prices have risen and people are buying, the home buying market is still a tough one to sell in. Home owners looking to place their property on the market have a tough road to traverse with buyers calling all the shots and inventory swelling. If you want to sell quickly and for a decent price, you’ may need to update your home to compete. And if the budget isn’t there for a full on remodel, there are a variety of smaller, cheaper fixes that can go a long, long way toward upping the ante for anyone seeing your home.

Here are a few of the biggest bang-for-your-buck home improvements you can make on the cheap.

Upgrade the Kitchen Finishings: For a song, homeowners can make small changes to the most important room in their home (when speaking of value, that is) that add up to big value at the end of the day. Of course, giving your space a good scrub costs next to nothing and this is a mush for any room in the home.

But swapping your faucet for a newer sleeker one can also go a long way toward boosting the look of your kitchen. Changing the pulls on your cabinets is another low-cost way to update the space. With a little larger budget, you can swap light fixtures for pendants and maybe even reface the cabinets.

If your appliances have seen better days, consider ordering new doors from the manufacturers. And if you can afford it, replace broken tiles in your flooring to freshen the overall look of the room. These little changes can work together to give your kitchen a fresh and rejuvenated look.

Upgrade the Bath: Replacing the faucet, lighting fixtures and cabinet pulls in your bathroom can be just as effective as in your kitchen. But going a step further and swapping the sink for a pedestal version is a very low cost way of giving your bathroom an updated look. For that dingy tub and tile, try regulating. It’s a fraction of the cost of actual replacing and gives a factory finish. You can also pull out the old caulk and add a fresh bead along the tub and tile and either clean or re-grout for a relatively low cost.

Inexpensive Home Upgrades Part 2

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