Most Common Grilling Mistakes

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Grilling mistakes

Grilling is one of those time-honored traditions most he owners take part in. But most don’t know the real ins and outs of the art of grilling. Understanding the pitfalls can make your grilling some of the best on the block. Avoid these mistakes people make when “Q-ing” this spring.

Not Pre-Heating The Grill: Preheating the grill before you begin to cook makes sure your grill has a chance of stabilizing. Without it, your meats could burn easily before it had a real chance to cook through. A great rule of thumb for preheating time is 10 minutes for gas and 30 minutes for charcoal.

Cooking over Flames: Allowing your food to cook on flames only chars it with a gunky residue of soot. The results are typically inedible because the food is overcooked on the outside and undercooked on the inside.

Again, preheat your embers and make sure they are brought to a bright red glow before your food even touches the grill.

Grilling Dense Burger Patties: Packing your burger meat so densely makes for tough burgers. Lightly mix your meat and ingredients for a tender, evenly cooked burger every time.

Bulging Burgers: The fact is, yes, burgers bulge in the middle. To avoid this (and the unevenness in cooking that comes with it) don’t flatten your burger patties. Instead press your thumb in the center of the patty to make sure it rises evenly.

Early Basting: Basting your meat too soon will cause scorching as sugars (which are often found in large supply in most barbecue sauces), typically burn quickly. Wait until the last 15-20 minutes your meat is cooked to baste it so it cooked when the meat is cooked.


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