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Picture hanging

For the DIY home decorator hanging pictures might seem like the most trite of responsibilities, but if you want to think like an interior decorator, how you hang your pictures is about as important as which pictures you hang and where.  With some creativity and consistency, you can hang your pictures like the pros and have a home that showcases your stylish eye for design as well as your art. Here are some tips for effective picture hanging in your space:

Eye Level Please: Hang your pictures at or neat eye level to add focus to your walls centrally.  If hanging a picture over a sofa, minimize the distance between the picture and the sofa. Optimal distance is about 8 inches.

Group Smaller Pictures to Create Interest: Grouping smaller pictures together works to create interest on a large wall without the need for large-scale art. Mix and match your frames to create an interesting path for the eye and arrange the pictures around the largest, which should be in the middle.

Test Grouping of Pictures on the Floor: Rather than guessing and poking holes all over your walls, compose your groupings on the floor and then once you find the arrangement you like best, recreate that on the wall. Remember to measure their distance on the floor and plot them out on the wall, so you know just where to place those nails.

Composition and Proportion: Never overload a small wall with a large picture and, likewise, never place a small picture alone on a large wall. Visually, proportions just need to make sense.

Mix it Up a Bit: With some of your groupings throw in a large photo or maybe even some nicely framed mirrors. This adds depth and dimension to your grouping and makes it much more custom looking.

Consider Alternatives: Try hanging your pictures on fishing wire from a hanging rack for a more artsy look, or perhaps rest them on an easel or a plate rack for a different approach. It adds an unexpected, yet sophisticated, flare to your room’s decor.

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