Be Prepared for A Tornado This Spring

Be prepared for a tornado this spring

These days, we hear more and more about the volatility of the weather in the Midwest and most of us in Chicago are simply not in the mindset of what to even do during a tornado or other immobilizing weather emergency, let alone what to stock in your basement or shelter to have handy during one.

Not to worry. We’ve got you covered with the top contents you should always have in your basement or home shelter in case of emergency.

Hand-held Portable Charger: Most people think the gas powered generator is the way to go. But during a long term power outage, which could very well result from a weather emergency, you want something easily replenished. A hand-held portable generator provides the basics and, in many cases can be charged from a car lighter outlet or even solar power.

After a tornado, gas may be in short supply locally and driving or walking to a gas station may not be a viable solution for use of your time during an emergency situation. Hand-powered generators have outlets for low power appliances and mobile charging as well. They can power a small refrigerator and a small TV so that you can stay connected while ComEd does its thing and gets you back up and running.

No-Fuss Non-perishable Foods: You need protein rich foods to keep yours and your family’s strength during the stressful time of a storm emergency.

Try peanut butter and crackers. Both keep for a nice long while and   Can actually fit the bill or a small meal. Tuna keeps well too and comes in pouches. Energy bars would be a luxury (or a nice desert). Bottled water (one gallon per person per day) is great to have in store. You don’t know if available running water will be consumable. Also, if you have a baby in the house, keep jars of baby food in store as well. For the pets, keep extra jars or bags of food for them available in your shelter as well (an water too).

Medication and Other Essentials: Those on medication should keep an extra supply in your shelter. You never know how long stores will be closed after a tornado. Other essentials include copies of your insurance records, phone numbers of all local emergency agencies, local hospitals and credit card companies and your bank and heavy boots and clothes (including a spare coat for each of you). Finally, have a spare charger available for your mobile devices. Once those things go out, you’re cut off and you don’t want that.

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