Tips for Affordable Home Lighting Makeovers

Home lighting updates

They say nothing dates a person like their hair style. That’s probably because styles change so frequently from year to year that there are precious few options, if any, for a timeless look.

The same thing might be said for home lighting. It’s certainly true that nothing dates a home like lighting fixtures. And so it follows that lighting upgrades should be among the first considerations when looking to update your home.

Fortunately, lighting upgrades don’t have to be all that expensive and the difference they make can be quite dramatic.

There are, indeed, some great options for upgrading the lighting in your home that won’t break the bank.

For instance, track lighting was once standard for condominiums. Now the large, bulky cans have been replaced with less obtrusive recessed options. If you can’t afford an upgrade to build in recessed lights, try replacing the cans in your track lights with, sleeker, more modern cans. A trip to your local big box home improvement store should reveal a ton of options that fit a modern design and your track system.

Hanging lamps typically age faster than a US President in the White House. But replacing a hanging lamp every three or four years might get costly. For a classic option, try a drum shade lamp kit. Most lighting stores stock a variety of affordable options and you can easily switch out the crumb shade as you see fit. Always remember to hire a licensed electrician when changing out lighting fixtures. Never fool around with electrical wiring if you aren’t yourself licensed and trained to do so.

If the fixture itself isn’t the problem, try switching out your wall mounted light switch with a dimmer. It adds versatility to your indoor decor that goes a long way toward modern lighting.

Be flexible when looking at some of these lighting options and you’re sure to come up with an upgrade that takes a couple of decades off of the look of your home.



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