Quick Fixes You Can Do Yourself

Quck Fixes You Can Do YourselfIt happens all the time. The power goes out or a printer stops responding or maybe your television goes haywire and you haven’t got a clue.

But you don’t have to always resort to calling a repair man or plumber or electrician every time something goes wrong. Sometimes there are some simple fixes that right the ship as simple as 1-2-3.

Of course, you should always call a professions before tinkering around where you’re not comfortable.

And you should NEVER tinker around with electrical outlets or the furnace or other high level appliances. But if you know these simple fixes, it just may save you a service call the next time the lights go out.

Bathroom Outage: It never fails. We’re minding our own business drying our hair or shaving in the morning and the electrical outlet suddenly loses power.  Before you call an electrician, check to see of the outlet is a GFCI outlet. They are often installed in wet areas like the kitchen or bath.  They often have two buttons, a “test” button and a “reset” button. They protect the outlet from surges should it be overtaxed, just like a surge protector.

Should your power go out, simply press the reset button. The test button will once again pop out an power should be restored.

Flameless Gas Oven: It sounds simple, but people don’t sometimes realize that pilot lights go out in gas ovens from time to time. The simple fix here is simple. If you can’t get the burner to turn on, check the pilot to ensure it’s lit.  Of course, we’re talking about gas here. So for safety’s sake, if in doubt, call an expert!

Pretentious Printer: Sometimes your printer simply is overwhelmed. You send files with tons of binary instructions and sometimes it simply gets confused. Just like you and me, when there’s way too much stuff going on at the same time, things get lost in translation. f your printer simply isn’t responding to commands, try turning it off, allowing all that binary code to dissipate and then turning it back on. Most of the time, that’s all it takes to get it purring like a kitten again.

Clean Up in Real Estate by Cleaning Up Your Real Estate: Sometimes all a weathered looking property needs is a good dust and polish to appeal to buyers.

If you’ve lived in a property for years, it’s easy to not see all the clutter in your home because it’s your clutter. But you can be sure the buyers will see it.

Get rid of all of the piles and clutter and depersonalize by removing family photos and awards. People need to be able to see themselves in the home and that stuff prevents them from doing so.

Get To Those Little Fixes: Finally finish those little odd jobs you’ve been meaning to get to. Tighten that door hinge, fix the handle on the cupboard door, install that washer in the bathroom sink.

These little “annoyances” all add up to dollars and cents in the buyers’ eyes and you definitely don’t want to leave any money on the table in this market.

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