Happy Summer, Chicago! Here are 3 Energy and $ Saving Warm Weather Tips from Your Chicago Handyman Specialists

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Sorry, Mom – That’s right, Chicago, summer is upon us and we want to help save you from the wrath of your mothers.  Incidentally, we also want to save you money, which, when it comes down to it is all Mom wants you to do, too – Even if she has an interesting way of telling.  Without further ado, here are 3 simple and effective energy saving tips to help you beat the heat and keep dollars in your pockets this summer.


Yep, it’s that simple, good Punch Listers.  It may seem obvious, but when you close your closet doors, you are simply minimizing the space you are cooling (or if it is winter, the space you are heating).  How many closets do you have in your place?  2?  Maybe 3?  We guarantee you that it will take you less than 60 seconds to do this and could very well save you 40-50 bucks a year.  Now you have an extra $50 to buy that trendy shirt to hang in your closet that you will wear once and then add to your closet clutter – Which by the way, simply closing your closet door will keep Mom off your back about how messy you are 😛



Look around your place right now at how many lights you have on…Ok, are you sure you really need ALL of them on?  Now take a look at the kinds of light bulbs you are using…Are they energy efficient bulbs? Aha, now we are getting somewhere.  It’s really as easy as remembering to keep unnecessary lights off.  Boost your efforts and purchase some energy efficient bulbs.  You area already on your way to some savings. Who knew that being turned off could be such a turn on?



Care to save approx 30% of your summer elec bill?  Find those leaks and put an end to them.  The areas you will want to check out are the openings and gaps by your baseboards and floor edges, as well as ceilings and corner of walls. Do you ever feel any drafts in your place?   Be sure to check electrical outlets and window frames, attic doors or hatches, fireplace dampers,  open spaces around your pipes as well as mail slots.   Last, inspect the weather-stripping around your doors to see if you have a culprit there and consider replacing it.  If it looks like simply replacing it won’t remedy the situation, it’s probably time to bring in a professional to put in a new door.  Beyond that, consider some plastic sheeting for windows.

We hope that you will give some of these methods a go and comment below about the kinds of savings that you experience.  We also hope that you make your mothers proud by putting these suggestions into action.  While you can’t hire us to come in an shut your lights off, do feel free to call us if you feel you have a door or window that is on it’s last leg and needs a replacement.  Stay cool, save money and have a lovely rest of your summer.


Jim and the entire Punch List Team! 🙂

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