Tips for Pruning Your Shrubs and Trees

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Tips for pruning around your home

Pruning is a very important part of tree and shrub care. Pruning helps to promote proper growth and flowering. It removes ineffective or competing branches, and it helps to ensure that a healthier tree survives in the long run.

Just as proper pruning can add to the health and live of a tree or shrub improper pruning can damage your tree’s growth and bring it to an early demise.

Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when looking to trim back the growth on your favorite trees and shrubs this summer.

Bad Timing:

Prune your tree just before spring (before flowering begins) for the best health and growth of your tree. If pruning occurs during or after the tree flowers you’ll risk harming the health or hampering the growth of your tree.

Over-Zealous Pruning:

This one is pretty obvious, but bears mentioning. Over-pruning depletes the tree of its ability to produce enough leaves to sustain itself. Don’t get too crazy with the shears. At the end of the day, it’s better to err on the side if caution when pruning your trees an shrubs.

Using the Wrong Pruning Equipment:

Using dull equipment to trim your trees and shrubs can do much more harm than good. It makes your job much more difficult than it needs to be and increases your chance of hurting yourself. Make sure your tools are sharp and that you have heavy gardening gloves when you use them.

Avoid using an electric saws as well as they can do more harm than good.


Never cut the top of a flowering tree. It makes it impossible for the tree to continue proper natural growth.

Leaving Competition:

Pick the healthy branches you want to grow and cut the competing ones growing parallel to them. This way you always make room for the growth you want and keep clutter of unnecessary growth at bay.


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