Reglazing and Resurfacing – New life for your bathtub, sink and tile!

Reglazing and ResurfacingEver think, “It’s time for a new bath tub or sink” just because your existing tub or tile is losing its factory glow? Many a bath remodel has been averted with a simple refinishing process that restores old tubs and tile to like new. It’s call reglazing and it’s a great option for homeowners whose tub, sink (or tile even) only show ware by way of peel in the enamel or discoloration of the surface. If the tub itself is solid, a reglazing can save you thousands of dollars in demo, purchase and installation of new product.

Reglazing can restore a beautiful lustrous finish to a weathered enamel surface at a fraction of the cost of buying new. So if your budget doesn’t include the purchase of brand new sink, tub or tile, reglazing might be a great option for you.

Reglazing (or re-enameling) is a process that involves refreshing the finish of a worn enamel surface by repairing chips or cracks in the original factory glass-enamel, priming the entire surface area and refinishing with a synthetic top coat. The new top coat’s durability is never as strong as the original factory glass-enamel surface, but the process is able to add significant life to your otherwise satisfactory sink, tub or tile.

Because of the volatility of the chemicals utilized in the reglazing process, we recommend you consult a professional to treat your surface area. DIY home kits are on the market, but the process can pose serious hazards for an inexperienced or even seasoned DIYer.

Epoxies, urethanes and polymers are some of the kinds of compounds uses in reglazing finishes, and they can be very dangerous when inhaled. In fact, even a professional will require proper ventilation when reglazing your surfaces. Pricing for the treatments range from $300 on up for a simple bath tub refinishing. The process has great applications for bathroom sinks and event subway tile. It takes less than a few hours and within a day, you’ll be back in action.

A fresh new coating is all it takes to give your bathroom the crisp look of a fresh renovation. So the next time you walk past that bathroom and think, “I’ve got to get a new bathroom sink,” take a look at it, if the problems lie chiefly in the enamel surface, a reglazing may be all it takes to get you the new look you need.

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