Why Live With It? Let’s Join Forces to Take Care of Those Long Neglected Home Fixes!


After answering the phones here at Punch List for the last couple of months I started to notice a trend.  A majority of calls were things that people just couldn’t live with anymore.  Some little things such as the toilet seat that is never secure and slides around with each use, to a nail hole or holes that are left from a butchered attempt at hanging a picture.  It’s these little or sometimes big things that are, at first are a bother, but gradually we learn to live with.

Why, I ask?  Not handy enough to fix it yourself, no time?  Perhaps, over time, it does not aggravate you as much? It just seems easier to live with it?  Embarrassingly enough, these are some of my excuses and I co-own a handy man service.  Hey, no judgments, we all could use some help.


Interestingly enough, the biggest motivators for these service call has been having over a house guest or throwing a party.  It seems that most people learn to live with these bothers but do not want to subject them to someone else. One person I spoke to lived with no lights in the guest bedroom for almost a year. I was told (because I did ask) that he used the light that came in from the hall if he needed anything from the room.  Another person had to use a screwdriver to open the bathroom drawer each time they needed anything from the drawer.  Another had to use pliers to turn the water on in the shower. Someone else had unhung  pictures that sat for months and then suddenly become top priority, all for the benefit of the party. The list goes on and on…chicago_handyman_tipping_point

So I ask myself as my hands are full of groceries and I am pulling up and pushing in on the “door that sticks.” Should we have a party or maybe invite some house guests so we can get our Punch List done?  Probably won’t happen, as I borrow another glass of ice from the neighbors to make myself a cold drink (Our water line to the ice maker has been broke for the past three months).

Now let us all be strong (yes, me included) and be better to ourselves. Let’s shed a little more light on those spare bedrooms, enable ourselves to open drawers and turn on our showers like regular people.  Eventually we will get to that tipping point, in the mean time I will keep answering the calls and helping people with their little “why live with its.”


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