Grout Cleaning

Grout CleaningTile grout can be the bane of any homemaker’s existence. Once stained with grease and grime, grout lines can offer a resounding signal that your family’s daily activities have finally gotten the best of you.

Porous and recessed between tile, grout sucks up all the grit and gunk your floors or walls take in from day to day use. With kids running in and out of the room and even just the normal wear and tear your tile takes over time, grout lines are bound to show some measure of the dirt they’ve encountered since they were first laid down. And in cleaning those surfaces, we often make matters worse by forcing even more gunk into these grout “gutters” of sorts.

Of course. if you have ever had to clean grout, you know just how impossibly awful (and utterly useless) a task it can be. But what you may not know is that there is a an effective way to attack the grout grime and get those lines gleaming again. And it’s a simple one, too: oxygen bleach.

Oxygen bleach is a powdered, nontoxic cleaning product that produces no harsh fumes (so it’s easy on the environment) and doesn’t send dyes running for the hills like the standard stuff. It gets deep down into those pores and breaks up the stains in a grout line with very little effort, leaving a nice, clean surface. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing the oxygen bleach with warm water when preparing a solution, and then pour the solution onto the grout you are cleaning. Let sit for about 20-30 minutes or so before wiping with a terry cloth towel.

For really stubborn stains, you may need a household cleaning brush. But it shouldn’t take much effort to loosen up the dirt.

Once you’ve loosened the grit and grime from all grout lines, simply rinse and repeat as necessary.From that point on, simply add oxygen bleach to your cleaning regimen when cleaning your tile surfaces and you’ll keep the grime from returning. It’s that easy.

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