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About Punch ListMy name is Jim Copenhaver, and I am the owner of Punch List, Chicago’s Full-Service Handyman Specialist Company. I’m originally from Kansas City, Missouri. Growing up, my father was a general contractor and I remember going to his work sites with him where I’d try my hand at building things like dog houses and bird houses. It was clear, early on, that I had a passion for construction and remodeling. I guess I learned a thing or two over the years. Punch List was born. Along with my wife and two young children, we now reside, go to school in the Lakeview area and support local Chicago businesses.

We find that most people can easily make a list of at least 10 items around their home or office in need of repair. With Punch List, there is no need to hire multiple contractors. Our skilled craftsmen provide full, end-to-end service. In a timely fashion, we address your needs, knock each and every item off of your punch-list and get you back to enjoying your home.


Your Chicago Handyman Service Experts – Meet The Team

Punch List hires only skilled craftsmen with years of industry experience. This allows us to provide an exceptional experience that is unmatched in the Chicago Handyman industry.

Frank is a licensed electrician with over 30 years experience with City of Chicago. He designs his own custom lighting, creating beautiful pieces. Quite simply, he is an awesome all around handyman!
Brian builds awesome, custom, homemade furniture. He is also what we like to call “IKEA certified” as he is fastest gun in the west when it comes to furniture assembly. Consistently great customer service and super friendly, he takes great pride in making folks happy!
Fergus grew up in Chicago and wanted to be either a cop or go into the trades. Ultimately chose the trades and we are happy that he did. He specializes in custom kitchen and baths and is an amazing craftsman in all phases of construction!
Jeremy Glickstein is Punch List’s marketing wiz. He and his own small army support our social media and creative marketing campaigns, branding efforts and pretty much help us rule. If you want Jeremy to help your business or service rule as well, please contact him Value of Viral.



Why You Should Choose Us for Your Chicago Handyman Needs

With years of experience serving the needs of the Chicago area, you cannot go wrong in turning to the professionals at Punch List. Our time spent working in the remodeling industry has well prepared us for all the handyman needs of the Chicago area.

We have developed a strong commitment to customer service and will never be satisfied with the outcome of a job unless our client is. The versatility of our skill set and the quality of our work sets us apart from the competition and makes Punch List the clear alternative when it comes to Chicago handyman services.


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If you are looking for more information about Punch List then please call 773-935-7727 or complete our online request form.

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